Thursday, June 25, 2009



Ok, so the reason i'm writing this blog is because i really want to become a fashion journalist one day and work for a fashion magazine such as teen vogue or vogue and so i thought that maybe starting a blog will help me with my writing. I've never really considered blogging before but after reading an article in teen vogue (march, 2009) about fashion bloggers i thought it would be a good idea, because Julia Frakes ( is already becoming known for her blogging. So i hope that you read my posts and comment because i'd likr to know that someone is actually reading what i am doing.

So...about me, well:

- my names ashley

- i love joe jonas and have major OJD, i am seriously the jonas brothers no.1 fan!

- my favourite TV show is gossip girl

- i read teen vogue

- i love anything and everything to do with fashion

- and i must confess that i am a shopaholic....(even more than rebecca bloomwood).

Theres heaps more that you'll learn about me by reading my blog posts so stay tuned for more that comes and please wish me luck!


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